Thursday, December 18, 2014

#Rejoice #EpiscopalAdvent

Sr. Winifred, SSM
Louisburg Square (1999?)
 an older picture, but one I just love

Sr. Winifred died just before I came to community. This was the first picture I saw of her, the one they put on the cover of our Quarterly article about her. It's from the 1990's, so it's much older, but I love it. I still love it. And when I heard that the word for yesterday was "rejoice," I immediately thought of this photo. I hear she was characterized by joy.  That is who a Sister ought to be, who I'd like to be, who I hope to grow into being.  How perfect to discover in the background a Christmas wreath - I hadn't remembered that.  Joy is a gift, the infallible sign of the presence of God. It's also something we need to be open to receiving. God willing and me cooperating, I'll be open to receiving this gift this Christmas - and today, right here, right now. Emmanuel, God with us - what more reason do we need?

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