Sunday, December 14, 2014

#AdventWord #Expand your heart

I am glad to recognize that when we love God our heart expands, and we can give incomparably more tender love to those who are dear to us than when our love is selfish and barren.

- Therese of Lisieux


The Christian life can be described as life in Christ. What that means is that each of us is invited to live our life out of his power. To live our lives, in other words, in union with him who is the source of
all power, of all energy, and to do so by being as fully open to his reality as we can be in this life. The way of meditation is simply the way of being open to the consciousness of Jesus, to his consciousness.

It is this openness to the consciousness of Jesus that leads each of us to the complete realisation of our potential, of our capacity for development, for expansion of heart and mind. And it is even more than that, because through our union with Christ we are connected, not just with the source of our own being, but we are connected to the source of all being, and all beings.

- John Main, OSB

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