Sunday, September 16, 2012

just dreaming

leafy fronds against a blue sky west of Port-au-Prince

We drove along the coast this morning west of Port-au-Prince to Leogane for a parish patronal festival.  I was reminded of the time the Dames de L'Eglise (ECW) took me to the beach as a good-bye present.  (It costs money to go to the beach here, but at least it includes a pavilion with picnic tables and a restroom; I think there was also a snack bar, but we brought our own food.)

a beach hotel near Gressier, on the coast west of Port-au-Prince

 I was looking at all the beauty, mostly hidden behind walls or markets or bushes. 

 right by the road, the intense blues of the ocean play hide-and-seek behind walls and bushes

Just imagine what it could be like someday when there is more infrastructure and people can build really nice places to welcome tourists. It would be such a great industry here again.  I know there are already nice places elsewhere, but this particular stretch of coast is just calling for development.  Just a little TLC, and imagine what could be...  The water is so beautiful, and the area near Gressier where I swam, which we passed again today, has a gorgeous view of mountains on the other side of the water.

imagine a park or resort or public beach here where we could all stop and enjoy the view and the water

There are some lovely parts in the more rural area a little further west where you can see the water at a bit greater distance, but more clearly.  Take a deep breath and sigh at the beauty of it.

Can we build our new convent here?  Or maybe a retreat center?  Just past this tree a bit, a little closer to the water.

Someday I hope this place can be cared for properly and shared with more people.  Someday maybe you will all come here on vacation.  Let's dream.  It might become reality.

I see iron sticking up here - someone was or is building here.

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