Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fan of fans

Port-au-Prince area weather forecast for this week via weather.com

I just came to Blogger to share this weather report (look, it'll cool down to 95 Friday!), and I nearly laughed out loud when I saw that another blogger in my general area (http://www.benandkatieinhaiti.com/) had written quite a description of last night's heat.  I'm fortunate that last night, at least, was better than the night before for sleeping - at least on my street - and we had power, so we had a fan.  And tonight the power came on again, so if all goes well maybe I'll have one all night.  My current one is a desk fan, but it makes a big difference despite its size.  An impressive little fan, rather like the Energizer bunny - I brought it to the convent from Virginia in 2000, and who knows how long I had it before that.  And for that and many other things I give thanks.

So tonight I have a prayer assignment for you.  Power.  Yes, that's hardly earth-shaking.  Um.  That's rather an unfortunate metaphor that just came out the end of my fingers onto the keyboard - but it is rather unintentionally appropriate.  I should listen to it myself again. And again. There are many more serious things to pray about, and I see them daily.  Still, feel free to pray that there be enough power provided this week for people who need some fans and need some ice - not only us - and that those who don't even have good drinking water get both that AND fans and ice. I can ask, can't I? Nothing is impossible. 

And then, with power on, maybe even during the day when it is hottest, there will be refrigeration.  And I can have some cheese with my whine.

Read someone's much more descriptive blog entry on a sweltering night in Haiti without power and with much neighborhood activity:  http://www.benandkatieinhaiti.com/2012/09/loudestnightevar.html

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