Saturday, September 29, 2012

birds and buds or maybe berries

We have this wonderful tree in our yard that I think of as an umbrella tree because its circles of leaves have spokes.  When I came back this fall, lo and behold, it had sprouted berries on the top.  Or perhaps they are tiny flowers that just look rather like raspberries; I can't tell.  Now the tree looks even more like something out of Dr. Seuss. 

Our "umbrella tree" has sprouted a crown!
The most wonderful thing about this tree now is that in the afternoon, the bees are buzzing all over it while little birds sit on the berry/flower branches and enjoy a fine meal.  Most often it is little yellow-bellied birds I see up there, but there are tiny hummingbirds that swoop in and out as well.  These little birds are the tiniest I've ever seen - I actually thought they were very large insects from a distance last year, but these are close enough that I can now get a good look. 

hummingbird and yellow-bellied bird enjoying the tree together

I have a bird book coming in a box which is no doubt sitting in customs, but meanwhile I'm still wondering what these little yellow ones are. Anyone know?  Next on the search list: the name of the umbrella tree.

yellow-bellied bird in the umbrella tree - wonder what it is?

These little birds bring me such joy, and watching them play tag is delightful. It really adds to my afternoon prayer time as I give thanks and marvel at the little creatures God has made. It makes me think of Psalm 104. Perhaps I will write my own version giving thanks for all of creation, which praises God in its own way.

tiny hummingbird enjoying berries - or flowers or something...

I'm headed out to the porch for more prayer time now. I doubt I'll see the birds this afternoon, because the near-daily afternoon/evening thunderstorm has arrived a bit earlier than usual. I'll give thanks nevertheless.

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