Sunday, April 8, 2012

weather or not

I got a question tonight from my sister in the US: What's the weather like there?   I had to say I had no idea what the temperature is outside.  My room has been a pretty steady 78-83 degrees so far, morning or night, but the temperatures outside have ranged much more widely.  So I decided to check.  Here, for the curious, is the ten-day forecast for Port-au-Prince (screen capture). 

weather forecast
Easter Week 2012

Then I got curious and looked up the forecast for Duxbury, MA, one of the towns I might call home.  This is what I found:
 from 60 to -6 degrees?
I blinked a few times and said to myself, "Now that is what I would call a serious cold front."

And then I moved from curious to suspicious and looked up tomorrow's forecast.

That's what I'd call a speedy warm front.
Just enjoying imagining an hour like the one from 2-3pm above. 

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  1. What?! Am assuming something is wrong with the Boston weather. And interesting how different the forecasts are for Port-Au-Prince. How did you get that comparison chart? Very cool. Actually not. Ow.