Wednesday, April 4, 2012

views on the road to Cange

I would love to know what makes these hills/mountains so tall and round.   I've never seen hills like the ones in Haiti.

mountainside woven wood house
We passed through Mirebalais.
This is where the new Zanmi Lasante hospital is being built.
Sounds as though it will be wonderful.

the lake created by the Peligre Dam
so beautiful

misty mountain morning

...and here we are in Cange!
More on that later - it deserves its own post.

turquoise houses on the road back home
The gingerbread trim on this kind of house has a Victorian air.

Love this combination!
The loaded horse is standing in front of a painted corrugated metal roof advertising Digicel, the largest cell phone company in Haiti. I am sure that man has a cell phone on him, too.

back to the river-lake by the dam -
some of the mist has cleared now

Artibonite River
back through Mirebalais - through the downtown this time

blue house
This reminds me of a book I had a as a child in which a little, old, beloved house has big, modern buildings built around it.  In order not to tear it down, they finally move it out to the country, and it lives happily ever after.  Anyone know what book this was? I loved it, but I have no idea what the title was.

donkey at work

 how to get free air conditioning and 
 a good view of the winding mountain  road

down the mountain back toward Port-au-Prince

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