Thursday, February 23, 2012

today through the car window

colorful preschool/kindergarten gate
Is that Dora the Explorer?

an exuberance of color:  red, yellow, blue, green... all we need is purple and orange
(You can find those together, too, but they're not next door.)
downtown:  roosters and cell phones


child with Haitian flag
some of the most striking black spray paint art on concrete I've seen

Holy Trinity Music School violin class
under the cathedral pavilion (temporary worship space)
Yes, I was out of the car for this one... but not far from it!  (-:

See the world; pass the police van on the way
Ayiti pap peri - Ayiti pa ka peri
The photo isn't clear, but the t-shirt says,
"Haiti isn't perishing. Haiti cannot perish."
on the way home
Along with the mother and child, look at the door closely - it's lovely - and at the colors.
steep stairs up the hill
Imagine doing that while carrying water, as some must.

sidewalk vendor talking to a child
in front of the blue Natcom wall

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