Sunday, February 12, 2012

flashback delight

student in uniform
Holy Trinity School
Sunday morning Eucharist
This morning we arrived at church early enough that the early service was just letting out.  All the children from Holy Trinity School were in their uniforms, so there was a river of green and white flowing down the driveway towards us. We had to stop and wait - attempting to part the flood like Moses would have been too risky.

By the way, that *is* the early service.  For children.  A children's service as the early service.  Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. 

Mais revenons à nos moutons, as they say. Close tangent.

the snow cone cart sitting in the cathedral driveway
As we were sitting there in the driveway amid the swarm of children, I looked over, and what should I see but one of the joys of my childhood, right there waiting for the kids:  a snow cone vendor with his cart.  Happy flashbacks of Lions' Park in summer and the little old man who used to come with his cart at odd intervals, never predictable (at least by me and my friends).  Delight in the lucky chance of finding him danced with the delight of flavored ice, cool on the tongue on a hot day.  I wonder if some of these children feel the same.

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