Sunday, February 19, 2012

a strange hush

It's awfully quiet outside.  There is the music of the rain, which has just begun - and has it ever.  But no yip-yip-yip.  No patter of many little feet running to bark at the dog or the goat in the street.  The puppies, now weaned, have all gone to their new homes.

And I miss them.

I'm sure my habits are breathing a sigh of relief, and it's certainly much easier to get to the trash can without tripping or worrying on stepping on someone, but I did love having those little warm fuzzy creatures to sit with. 

In their honor, I'm going to post a few more puppy pictures as a sort of belated send-off. 

Enjoy them, just as I have.

Laps are for climbing on, right? Lemme up!
One last post-trash-disposal evening with the puppies, one last attempt to fit
themselves on my lap.  There's only room for two of them now, but
the other curled up between my feet and the stoop.

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  1. AWWWWWW! They were really dear. What is there that's so attractive about baby animals? You can't help loving them and enjoying their presence. I know you must miss them a lot.