Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fighting malaria

Gates Foundation mosquito nets -
Zabibu Athumani and her son rest under a bed net
at their home in Pande Village in Bagamoyo district, Tanzania.
So many organizations now are givng us the opportunity to help with this.  Ntes for Life comes to mind, for example.  It's amazing what a simple mosquito net can do.    Furthermore, there was a recent breakthrough in an experimental vaccination that now seems promising.

Malaria Vaccine Trial Shows Promise - WSJ

I would like to share with you an article and a video from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

Can Social Media End Malaria? Can You? - by Melinda French Gates

I have my mosquito net ready to go.  Perhaps you can help others obtain one as well.

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  1. Bed Nets for Africa are from the English people as I understand it. The nice thing about a bed net is you don't have to tuck the netting in around you. A thin mattress is attached to the net.
    But any treated net is helpful when there is malaria around. Children who contract malaria often end up with shrunken brains, resulting in poor intelligence, a coma, or death.
    The medical school at Michigan State University is partnering with a hospital in Malawi to do research on this.