Tuesday, October 11, 2011

city sidewalks

Busy sidewalks... 

I took a walk over to the Museum of Fine Arts yesterday.  Free admission! It was a treat.  But there was something I enjoyed just as much or more: stopping to look, really to look around as I went.  I took photos of the little things that I noticed.  It seems I am noticing more and wanting to notice more the closer I get to leaving.  Once I have left for Haiti, you see, I won't be coming back to the Roxbury convent.  Assuming we get a buyer, there will be someplace new to call home when I am on this side of the water.  And so I look around more.  And I pay attention. 

It reminds me, too, that much of the joy and the adventure is in the journey itself if we just take the time to be truly present.  This may not be news to any of us, but I find I need to hear it over and over.  Better yet, I need to experience it and to make the time for it.

And Monday was like that.  It's hard to compare a city sidewalk to a Degas exhibit, but they each have their own interesting angles, their own beauty. 

In honor of the journey, I'd like to share photos of the sidewalks themselves.  I hope you enjoy some of these images as much as I do.

hopscotch on Highland Park Ave

save the fish

pavement patterns

shadows advancing

perched postally

your pumps should always match your pumpkin

cross-country commuting

garden between the paving stones

This is an unusual piece of yarn...

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  1. An excellent post as you prepare for the excellent adventure. I'm so enjoying reading these!