Monday, August 22, 2011

you keep asking where to stay in Port-au-Prince.. here's an option!

Well, good news.  Over and over people ask me where to stay in Port-au-Prince.  Well, the convent fell down.  Most of the Foyer Notre Dame fell down.  Holy Trinity School, which had a room or two, I think, fell down.  Lots of hotels fell down.  I don't know anymore what to say.  When I get there, I'll have more answers, but meanwhile, I have finally found this via a blog I have been following.  Of course, I really know nothing about it, other than it seems to come reasonably well recommended. However, the prices are great, the photos look beautiful, and they have free wi-fi and phone calls to the US!  I'm thinking it looks great.  Transportation will cost you, of course, as it is a few miles from downtown and a few from the airport,  but it would anyway unless you have access to a friend with a car. 

Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: Port au Prince Guesthouse: "Need a place to stay in Port au Prince? Know someone that does? A perfect location, open to the public, please check this out:"

 Key information via their page:


$50/person/night includes:
Wifi Internet access
Free calls to the US
Breakfast and Dinner each day
(Lunch available at an additional fee)

Transportation available upon request:  $20/person/round trip ($40 minimum)

Village Theodat
Rue 2 #3

Phone Numbers:
3894 5426 (from Haiti)
3490 5993 (from Haiti)
772-617-1727 (outside of Haiti)

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