Saturday, August 27, 2011

I prefer cats and ducks to hurricanes

Fluffy is not quite sure what she thinks of Hannah Montana.
Greetings from Indiana! I'm visiting my family. The weather is beautiful. I've seen old friends. I've spent time with two of three goddaughters today and may be able to see the third - or at least her mother - tomorrow.  I have been able to attend one nephew's soccer game and another's first game playing for his high school freshman football team (They both won, too!).  I have learned to brush Barbie hair, consulted in the selection of dollhouse furniture, arranged plastic horses, ridden on a backyard zip line, made pancakes with my niece, and had some good kitty time with Mia and Fluffy. 


This afternoon, my sister and I had a picnic at the park and brought our cameras in order to do some nature photography.   It was a lovely, peaceful time with its moments of amusement at chipmunks, frogs, and a duck who was clearly hoping to be fed.  My sister took some fantastic photos of the frogs, but apparently I have no talent at sneaking up on them.  They always see me first, screech like a bird (the most bizarre thing!) and hop into the pond before I can take a photo; often all I got was that strange noise they made and the ripples they left in the pond. I tried, too, to get photos of the little birds bathing in the inlet by the pipe draining to the pond from the splash pad in the park. Equal (non-) success.  It was fun trying, in any case, and the dragonflies and the duck at least were suitably placid for photos.

All this and ice cream at Atz's with my goddaughter tonight, too!  Life is good.

Part of my mind has been back home in Boston all day, however. I keep seeing the satellite photos of Hurricane Irene as it approaches Maryland, where I have family; New York and Massachusetts, where the sisters live; and all those other locations up and down the east coast where my friends live. I don't like it. One of my Haitian sisters reminds me that God has it under control... and I also remember that there are no promises of absolute safety. I'm not overly worried, but I am concerned. Not all of my friends take such warnings seriously!

Gracious God, we ask your protection for all those in the path of the storm.  Give them wisdom as they make their preparations and make decisions about evacuation.  Make it possible for everyone who needs to lay up supplies to do so.  Keep travellers safe and heading smoothly in the right direction.  Guard those who must stay and work to keep others safe.  Keep those navy ships riding it out on open sea far from danger.

And Lord, we wouldn't mind a bit if you would send that storm east, the sooner the better. 

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