Monday, August 22, 2011

current hurricane maps and a blog link

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Warnings as of Monday 8-22-11
Still praying it heads east, east, east! ... missing all the islands and Florida, too.  Thinking of you, all my friends dealing with stormy weather in these places, hurricane strength or not.  May it bring just as much rain as needed, but may the winds stay out to sea.
Projected Path of Hurricane Irene as of Monday 8-22-11, 11AM

I also have a link to share with you.  It's a blog post from someone in Haiti involving funny moments and sad, including a rat, a new mother, antics and quite a variety of text messages in church, and a patient arriving at this home.  This is someone to pray for, a person who had had surgery on the naval medical mission ship but then had to be put onshore so the ship could leave.  I can't imagine being moved like that so soon after surgery... Prayers for a swift recovery as well as the prayers around the hurricane, please.  Here is the link:

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