Friday, February 11, 2011

video appeal for the Holy Trinity cathedral complex

The link below is to a video from the coordinator of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti's rebuilding project for the Holy Trinity complex in Port-au-Prince, which includes the cathedral, the pre-K through middle school, the music school and the convent.  The photos are screen-captures from that video.  Most of the footage was shot from within the ruins of the cathedral itself, with close-ups of what is left of the murals, now with scaffolding as they try to protect and restore the pieces that remain. 

I kept trying to peer past him through the trees to see if I could catch a glimpse of the convent, but no luck.  I think the wall is still standing, though I know the building is down by now.  I wish I could see it...  But I will just have to wait.  Maybe only six months, though! 

 I appreciated seeing the Holy Trinity music students having a string instrument lesson, and I look forward to the day when I hear them play in person.  

If I have my bearings, I think the class is being held in the temporary pavilion they built to shelter the ongoing worship of the cathedral community.  It's in what was the parking lot between the cathedral and the convent.  I think the wall behind the students is the outer wall of the building still standing to the right of the trees in the photo above.  If anyone reading can confirm this, I'd be interested!  And I'm also noticing the tile or linoleum they've put down between the pews.  Very nice!
  The photos also made me think of my friend Jeanne Pocius, who teaches trumpet there now.  I thought I had already written a post about her and her book, Shaken, Not Stirred, which tells the story of how she got to Haiti and what happened during the earthquake and in the following days; however, it appears that it is still only a draft, so count on a post soon!   (All proceeds from the book go to music education in Haiti.  Go look it up on Amazon!)

An appeal from the Rev. Joseph Constant, Special Coordinator for Haiti, to help rebuild the once beautiful, now destroyed Holy Trinity Cathedral in downtown Port-Au-Prince.

So pray for Haiti. Or keep praying, as the case may be.  It's still not entirely calm as they deal with the elections and the surrounding issues.  Earthquake, hurricane, cholera, disputed elections, Baby Doc back, and Aristide given a passport... I heard this evening that a reporter was shot half a block from our Foyer Notre Dame (a home for elderly women with no one to care for them).  What can be next?!   

But life goes on.  The resilience is astounding, as is the faith - but no one should have to go through all that.  It's quite enough now, thank you, Lord.  Quite enough.  Time for something better.

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