Thursday, February 24, 2011

continuing mural restoration

Haiti’s Scars, and Its Soul, Find Healing on Walls - NYTimes

It is good to know that the work on the murals is continuing.  The Smithsonian is working with the Episcopal Church in Haiti to preserve them.  I was interested to note that, when the restoration is complete, they will likely be free standing in a sort of memorial garden; meanwhile, they are being stabilized and taken somewhere safe for the needed work.  I wonder how they will protect them once they are back outside so that the weather does not harm them, especially given the hurricanes that pass through periodically.  I suppose if anyone can make that happen, it will be the people from the Smithsonian.

For those who have not seen photos of the murals, there are a number of them in earlier posts under the label Holy Trinity Cathedral and Schools.  The most recent may be found at

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