Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Sisters’ 2008-2009 Wish List in Haiti, As Requested

Low fat powdered milk
Cereals (hot and cold)
Canned tuna and chicken breast
Batteries (all sizes)
Personal care items (antiperspirant, powder, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
First Aid items of all kinds (including cough drops, Theraflu, etc. - any medical supplies, really)
Aspirin (81mg, 325mg), Tylenol (500mg)
Calcium (500mg)
Toilet paper, Kleenex
Office supplies
US stamps
Twin bed blankets
School supplies, school bags
Summer weight clothing (for children and adults – no babies’ sizes for now)
Shoes (dress and athletic), socks

There are two ways to get these items to Haiti.

Send them via Agape Flights in Florida (address below). The Sisters pay $2/pound to receive packages, so please include a check (US funds are fine) to cover costs of receiving them.

St. Margaret’s Convent
c/o Agape Flights
100 Airport Ave.
Venice, FL 34285-3901

Send them to the convent in Boston, where Sr. Claire Marie will collect them. When she has enough to fill a barrel, she will ship the barrel to Haiti by sea. Checks made out to the Society of St. Margaret to help cover shipping are gratefully accepted: each barrel costs $140 to ship.

Sr. Claire Marie, SSM
St. Margaret’s Convent (for Haiti)
17 Highland Park Street
Boston, MA 02119

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