Saturday, December 10, 2016

more Advent music

I'm currently preparing for tomorrow night's Lessons and Carols service. I've attended two, and now I get to sing in one!

I've found YouTube videos for all of the music we're doing, which certainly speeds up the learning process. And once I stop working with them, I can relax and pray with them as well. Truly, I can do both simultaneously, but I'm not quite to the point of fully entering into prayer while wondering what on earth that note was. Other than, "OK, Lord, I need some help here," I mean.

But why should I be the only one to enjoy these videos? And so here they are, in order. I don't yet have the bulletin, but the shape of the service will be the same as the one I shared earlier.

We will begin with the Palestrina Matin Responsory, which most of us already know, but moving right into a second piece.

OK, actually, this next music recording isn't well sung, but at least you can see what it is. And I am grateful that they posted it because there isn't another out there from which to learn. It's very different from the music we usually do.

Now, back to the traditional:  Adam Lay Ybounden. I've sung two other versions, but this is the first time I've sung the Ireland.

Next up, Canite Tuba, by Francisco Guerrero. I recall our singing that years ago, back when I was a novice - two sisters and two male neighbors. It didn't sound like the choir of King's College, Cambridge, but we worked hard, and I was pleased. I am now pleased because I remember most of it after all these years. It's one of those where  you have to count very carefully or you'll lose track of it. Worth it. I do love this one.

Old favorites, here... You probably know the hymn at the very least. This time we're singing in German (eep!) and with strings, a first for me.

This Ave Maria is simple and lovely, with intervals I don't expect but which really work. I assume it follows the reading from Luke about the Annunciation.

Purcell. I love Purcell. And indeed we should rejoice in the Lord always! Singing Purcell makes that easy to do.

And so, blessings on your Advent 3. May the hope of this season fill you with longing and expectation for the coming of our Lord not only 2000 years ago, but now in your heart and in God's good time to make all creation new.

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