Monday, December 5, 2016

Advent candle difficulties?

I've been wondering... Several people I know either don't trust themselves to put out candles if distraction were to come, are uneasy about open flames, or live in an apartment or condo complex that doesn't permit candles. Nursing homes and hospitals normally don't permit candles, either. What are they to do if they want to continue with their traditions and have an Advent wreath?

I've just found some possibilities.

Here's another:

If you're an Episcopalian doing Sarum blue, there are blue tealights available pretty easily. Here is a 12-pack which would make three Advent wreaths or supply back-up candles (because who knows how long these things last)

If you have an Advent wreath set-up in which to put them, there are taper versions as well.

These pillar candles are lovely (as electric candles go), but way too expensive. Still, I share them so the possibility is offered. Probably somewhere out there one can find them more reasonable priced.

overpriced set of 4 on Ebay - each comes with a remote!

And then there is the least expensive option... Take a wide permanent marker in the appropriate color(s) and a bag of dollar store white tealights, and you have a DIY opportunity which might just work.

Perhaps you know someone who would like an Advent wreath. It would be a wonderful gift to make them one.

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