Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday in Manistee

Enjoying a weekend in Manistee, Michigan, with my two sisters.

Our day began with the Eucharist at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.  It was going to begin with breakfast out at a coffee shop first as our Sunday treat, but, well, let's just say getting up as early as intended didn't happen on anyone's part.

Note to church geeks: the fascinating set of manual acts at the Eucharist today included almost no orans at all (mostly hands down), but did include elevation with sanctus bells x3 at the words of institution. Ponder that combination. 

These two lovely birds above and below greeted us on our exit following coffee hour. Maybe they knew my sister had won a plate of cookies at a raffle just minutes before.  In which case they were sadly disappointed, as we did not share even though the subject of the sermon was generosity. We'll work on it.

We made our coffee shop stop following church.

Coffee shop lunch: coffee (of course), half sandwich, and smoothie (that's my fruit and vegetable, right?)

I love the interesting buildings downtown.

Scenic drive through town on the way back, during which I tried unsuccessfully to take more pictures of hawks overhead. They haven't discovered that they can come visit me right at my sisters' cottage and be warmly welcomed by their own personal paparazzi.

Manistee loves books, too.  

Happy Owl: doesn't the name itself make you want to go in and stay a long time? Add coffee and a B&B, and I'd probably move in. It's right on the river, too. Hmmm.... Mission house?

More books!

a whole row of these little pavilions, each with its own picnic table and grill
Manistee, I love you.

The little ones at the beach looked as though they were enjoying themselves. Finally got home from church, changed, and went to the beach near the cottage. Ahhhh... 

For this particular beach, this is a crowd.
Really, could you ask for Lake Michigan to be more beautiful? I think not.

Early afternoon was perfect for being in the water. Then when the clouds came in, it was the perfect time, place, and weather for finishing a novel I started on the plane here.

It thundered on and off, but the rain stayed to the north while we watched the sun break through the clouds.

And then it got gorgeous again.

Wandered home at supper time, walking slowly in case any interesting critters showed up. You never know...

I think it's a baby... look at the spots on its breast!

Finished off our vacation day with style.  We began our supper with ice cream, eaten as we walked along the river.  The heavens opened, and we scooted to a bench under a tree with dense foliage and finished up, watching the birds and enjoying it down to the last drip. Poor sparrows... Once again, we forgot to share. 


We had planned to roast hotdogs on an outdoor fire, but given that our plans were dampened, we settled for take out pizza* and had a cozy evening inside. 

*ice cream followed by cheese... good for the bones, right? We're just thinking of our health. No, really. 

Tomorrow afternoon we leave for Indiana; I'm hoping we miss the thunderstorms. On the other hand, that always makes it easier to leave.  I remember how we used to beg Mom and Dad for one last swim at the lake on the way out the door - at least once they actually let us do that. We must have ridden all the way back home in our sandy swimsuits. 

Tuesday we move my sister Rebekah to a new city and into a new apartment. She'll begin a new job Thursday.  Pray for her as she settles in.

I'm so glad to have this time with my sisters. God is so good.

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