Saturday, August 30, 2014

Help! Homestay hosts needed ASAP in SE Massachusetts for one week. Musical production tickets available, too.

I met someone this week who is working with this international exchange program. They're getting desperate for homestay hosts; I'm guessing it's getting a little crazy in Plymouth due to the anniversary celebration.  Can you help? 

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100 volunteers from 15 different countries arrive to Plymouth in less than two weeks and still don't have a place to stay! 
Up with People is a global education, leadership and performing arts program that travels around the world with 100 international volunteers from 15 different countries. It is non-religious & non-political with a focus on community service and encouraging cultural understanding. They travel to a new city every week across 2-3 continents staying each week in a new host family, volunteering in the community and performing a benefit concert to raise funds for local charities by spreading the message of bringing the world together through service & music.

During the week of September 8-15, all these students will be arriving to the Plymouth area to impact by interacting with the community through their volunteering, host families and performances at the Plymouth Memorial Hall on September 12 and 14, but they are still looking for 60 host families! It is a great experience to be able to bring the world into your home for a week and share different perspectives. They are looking for people that want to share their space and who are open to learn about different cultures. Do you fit this description?

It's very simple to become a host familythey just need support with:
-Providing transportation in the morning before 8:00am and in the evening after 6:00pm
-A place to sleep (bed, couch, air mattress)
-Breakfasts and sometimes dinners. 

As a host family you won't only get a life changing experience, but also 2 free tickets to the show!
If you are interested, please contact Hayley Lutz at 520.780.7754 or 

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