Thursday, April 3, 2014

strange things growing in trees

This looks like something straight from Dr. Seuss, especially in the trees that have a lot of them.

This is from a different tree, but might be the same thing. Certainly must be related, in any case - equally Seuss-like.

Here are three more things in the category of "strange things attached to trees."  The middle one I thought might be some sort of strange nest. For that matter, the first one is rather round... I suppose it could be, too, though I've never seen one that color. I saw a number of things looking like the last one. 

Anyone have any ideas? I have bird books to consult to identify the punk ducks I also saw on the walk (another blog post?), but strangely enough, we have no Peterson's Guide to Odd Things in Trees.


  1. Can't help, but love the photos. We're getting to see a whole life in Duxbury that wasn't seen much before the convent moved there and you get all 4 seasons.

  2. It's a type of lichen. It loves clean air. It amazes me how like Scotland Duxbury is. I never knew...