Monday, April 14, 2014

lunchtime for a fox

I don't imagine these photos will be making it onto any greeting cards we might make in the future, but they're still pretty amazing.  I was just sitting at the picnic table brainstorming and taking notes for my Easter sermon when the movement caught my eye.

fox with squirrel appearing from our neighbors' yard

Grabbed my camera (without which I go nowhere these days) and tried (otherwise) to be very still. I've been wanting a photo since I saw two beautiful babies out in the snow in January.  Sadly, I pointed my camera at them, clicked, and saw "out of battery" on the screen. Aaaargh! Hadn't seen one again till last week, though other sisters had.

trotting across the yard towards the picnic table where I was working

Well, this one saw me, but all it did was pick up the pace so as to pass by me more quickly.

'Scuse me, just passing through...

Your first reaction might be, "Oh, poor squirrel," but even foxes have to eat.

Can't stop to talk - on my way to lunch.

I'm wondering if he or she was taking it back to the kits. They must be old enough to hunt, but maybe not old enough to be successful. Maybe Mama is sharing with them.  Or not.

Bye now... 

She just kept going across the yard in front of the retreat house, cut down by the water in front of a neighbor's house, and disappeared, leaving me there, still open-mouthed.  Amazing. What a gift to see one right there, so close.  I'd love to see it again and get a few more photos.  Minus squirrel.  Or even without my camera, just to have a moment of contemplation of such beauty.

I hope our retreatants will be able to share some of this beauty this week.  Holy Week has its own beauty, with or without wildlife, but I find that this kind of wonder opens one up even further to the Holy.

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