Monday, January 13, 2014

more on Mgr. Chibly Langlois, first cardinal from Haiti

The first cardinal from Haiti, named this weekend by Pope Francis, has given his first interviews.  I found one on YouTube and am posting in here. It's in Creole, naturally, but I also found a little more written information that corresponds to some given in the interview.  I'm posting links to some commentary and a few excerpts as well.

First off, some commentary from the Netherlands:

  • chibly_langloisBishop Chibly Langlois (55), Archbishop of Les Cayes, Haiti. Another young cardinal, and the first from Les Cayes. Cardinal-designate Langlois is even more noticeable for not being an archbishop and the first Haitian cardinal. The Haitian hierarchy, then, looks rather unique, with the bishop of a regular diocese wearing the red, while the nation’s two archbishop do not. Bishop Langlois has been the president of the bishops’ conference of Haiti since the end of 2011.

Beyond the usual media details, from Haiti Libre, information and a quote from the interview in the video (I think):

Among the 16 cardinals Mgr Langlois Chibly 55 is the youngest of the 16 cardinals, the oldest being Archbishop Loris Francesco Capovilla, titular archbishop of Mesembria, former secretary of John XXIII (Italy), 98 years old.

At the announcement of the news Archbishop Chibly Langlois declared "I particularly, who just received this news, it's a surprise to me [...] I welcome the appointment, made ​​by Pope Francis, as a favor to Haiti. This is not my person, but the Haitian Roman Catholic Church that I am a servant, an instrument of God [...] this appointment will help to focus attention on Haiti, especially on our Roman Catholic Church, whose realities, needs and challenges, will be worn much higher."

Learn more about Mgr Chibly Langlois :
Born 29 November 1958 in the Valley of Jacmel, he entered the Grand Séminaire of Our Lady of Port-au-Prince in 1985 and was ordained priest on 22 September 1991. Pope John Paul II appointed him Bishop of Fort-Liberté (where he will spend 7 years), on April 8, 2004. Since 15 August 2011, Mgr Chibly Langlois has the same rank in Les Cayes by decision of Pope Benedict XVI.

From the National Catholic Reporter:
Francis announced 19 new cardinals Sunday, including 16 under 80 and therefore eligible to vote for the next pope. The immediate takeaway was the broad global distribution in this crop, with just four new Vatican cardinals and only two others from Europe among the electors.
The other new voting-age cardinals include four Latin Americans, two Asians, two Africans and one from the Caribbean.
Upon closer examination, there's also a clear option for the periphery among Francis' picks.
For instance, Bishop Chibly Langlois will become the first cardinal from Haiti, by most measures one of the poorest countries in the world. The appointment breaks an unwritten Vatican rule that if the Caribbean was to have a cardinal, the red hat should go to one of the region's three Catholic powerhouses -- Cuba, Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic.
Moreover, Langlois' diocese of Les Cayes is not one of the two archdioceses in Haiti, so Langlois represents an option for the periphery even within his own nation.

He asks for our prayers.  By all means, let us honor that request.

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