Monday, January 20, 2014

Haiti or Traverse City?

OK, I have to admit I am probably way too amused by this.  

Just got this email from TripAdvisor.  "Haiti or Traverse City? Where's your next escape?"  I was laughing even before I opened the email to see their advice. What a juxtaposition.

And.... they recommend Haiti.

Yes, that sounds nice to me.  Send me a plane ticket, and I'm there.  I have to admit I have been thinking of it with some longing on and off for the past few weeks as one of my sisters went down to visit our community there.  I'd love to see them. And the seminarians.  And my friends. And others... I'd certainly love to see my godson. Little ones grow so quickly, and I'm missing it.  Thank God for Facebook (and I'm not being facetious).

Of course, Haiti sounds even better with a snowstorm approaching Massachusetts, but never mind.

Typically, I suppose, they added NYC and Paris.  Heading through NYC soon - wish me luck - in the snow - though not stopping. Does that count? And I do love Paris, though I can't imagine I'll ever get there again unless there is some youth group in desperate need of a chaperone.  Pilgrimage to Notre Dame and the American Cathedral in Paris, anyone?

Haiti, Michigan, France, even New York in the snow... I'd take it.  In fact, maybe I will get to Traverse City this summer. You never know.

But TripAdvisor says I should go to Haiti.  I guess I'll just have to follow my heart and my email and go.

Someday I'll do just that.

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