Monday, July 1, 2013

severe weather - it's all relative

I've been amusing my sisters by wearing a sweater when it's in the mid-70's, feeling a little chilly.  I don't go down into my sister's basement for any length of time due to the overactive air conditioning, and my toes are downright cold in the hospital despite shoes and socks.  I'm getting used to it, though - I no longer sleep with my sweater on under the blankets.  Toto, we aren't in Haiti anymore.  A few weeks ago I was used to my room temp dropping to around 83F at night, though it was often much cooler outside. 

That black tower on the tray is a fan for Mom to go along with the freezing cold air conditioning in ICU. 

So I've been getting teased about my Haiti-influenced perception of temperature, but apparently I'm not the only one with relative senses of what is hot and what is cold.   A few moments I saw this post from a friend in Washington State and had to laugh:

.... Fairly certain people who don't live in the PNW will find this hilarious.

"Current Severe Weather
Special Statement Statement as of 3:41 AM PDT on June 29, 2013
... Very warm weather will continue across western Washington through early next week...
Daytime temperatures will climb INTO THE 70's AND 80's across the western Washington lowlands this weekend."

More needed humor in my day. Thank you, Beth.

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  1. Thank you for writing - it's wonderful to be able to keep you all in prayer and to read your thoughts and prayers and life. Much love from me and April.