Thursday, March 14, 2013

insanity seeking inspiration

Another full day. Another good one.  Tomorrow will be a long one, too, starting very early - I'm hoping it's also good.

listening for inspiration from the Holy Spirit?
pipirite - hummingbird
treetop in our yard

I've also decided I must be completely crazy.  

Along with all this, I've agreed to do two half-day retreats in the very near future, one the day before Palm Sunday and the other Maundy Thursday.  I'd try to do the same thing for both, but one is a group of young people in a private business school, and the other is the cathedral choir.   Should be interesting, and it's certainly a privilege to do them - and I'd better get to work fast, since time's running along quickly. 

Somewhere in here, the linen orders I'm working on and my class preps will also need some attention.  Well, if the Holy Spirit is calling me to do this, I'll just have to trust that I'll be given the grace to get it done.  I believe I'll be praying for unusual organizational skills and efficiency. And power.  (Glad to have that tonight!)  God certainly showed up when I was preparing this past weekend's sermon for the cathedral, and despite a busy week, it was just fine.  Beni soit l'Eternel.

Mostly I need to pray for open ears and an open heart to hear what it is that God would like to say to them. 

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