Tuesday, November 6, 2012

watching from afar

Haitian television is covering the election in the US, and we got our power just a bit ago.  So here I sit - and they've stopped commenting and have started streaming CNN in English.  And I found a website (while looking up malaria in Haiti, actually) with live updates.  It's slightly surreal to be here and have all this.  At the mother house, we don't stay up and watch, so I wonder if I'm even better connected at the moment than I would be at home. Strange.  But everyone here is interested, despite the fact that we have a disaster on our hands with the aftermath of Sandy. Wow.

Barack Obama taptap - Port-au-Prince, Haiti
That's what I call an interest in foreign politics.

 Now it is 50-50 at 9:30PM  in FLorida.  Yikes.  Flashbacks, anyone? 

9:21 PM in Florida...  close race, do you think? Just so there are no hanging chads this time.

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  1. Yep. Indeed. Prayers for you, dear Sister Sarah. We miss you.