Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sandy flooding tent cities

It's not easy to deal with disaster in the US.  I have friends who are without heat and hot water.   Others have lost homes and businesses. Now imagine that everything you have is in a tent, and it's flooded.

Here's an excerpt from a Washington Post article:
Almost three years after an earthquake devastated Haiti, 370,000 people are still living in the tent camps that became their homes.
Now, some have lost even that. Haitian officials say that 18,000 families living in tent camps have been rendered homeless by Hurricane Sandy, which has killed 52 there since making landfall last week.
The number of casualties may continue rising, as aid workers have found 86 new cases of cholera just in the earthquake survivor camps of capital city Port-au-Prince. A cholera outbreak that began after the quake has killed an estimated 7,400 since October 2010.

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