Monday, October 15, 2012

sparking an aha moment - now looking for another

This past weekend, my attention was caught several times by the shape of a car - bright and shiny new in both cases - that I'd never seen before. What is that?  I peered at it - a Spark Lite.  Chevrolet.  Never seen those before at home... I resolved each time to look it up on the web when I got home, but by the time the power came on, I'd forgotten.  

Now, via MSN, the answer.  It seems a bit counterintuitive to someone with Detroit connections to import Chevys from Korea, but if it helps keep the ones in the midwest afloat too, I'll live with it.  Glad to hear they are selling them at home in the US. 
GM to Import More Chevy Spark Minicars From Korea

Chevy Spark, via MSN blog. I didn't get a picture of my own from Haiti.  Cute, though, isn't it!
(Yes, I have family ties in car country, five generations of Detroit-area blood, and great-great (?) grandparents who invested in Ford - though not long enough!   I may not know much about cars, but they still catch my attention.)

I'm still a little unclear as to whether a Spark is the same thing as a Spark Lite - but I found a page and a picture of a Spark Lite (which is what I saw here) on a South Africa Chevy website.  Hmmm...
I have to say I did a quick double take on the ad wording till I saw it was South Africa.  Different vocabulary in English down there!  What is "nippy"?

Spark Lite - the car I saw here. "Funky design" I can figure out.  But what is "nippy and quiet handling"? "flavourful color"? Any insights/translations anyone care to offer?

Now what I need is to find an answer to my longer-term "What is this?" about a little Chevy van that I've also never seen in the US.  They're everywhere here.

See - no car name other than Chevrolet - what is this?

Quite a few businesses have these little Chevy vans here in Port-au-Prince. Never seen one at home, though.

The little Chevy vans aren't just for business deliveries, though - it looks as though they are personal cars, too. I like them.  Why don't they sell these in the US? I bet they get good gas mileage. 
 Anyone in Detroit care to inform people there that we need these at home?

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  1. That Chevrolet CMV is actually a Korean-made Suzuki Carry, built under license since the early 90's.