Friday, October 5, 2012

new convent in Duxbury

One of the sisters back in Massachusetts was kind enough for forward this article about the new house, which is almost ready to be lived in.  I got a tour before I left, but this includes pictures of the inside with furniture in it, which I'm enjoying seeing.  By the time I get there next summer, of course, it will be thoroughly lived in.   Very nice to have this finally (mostly) complete.  It's been such a long process. 

PHOTO GALLERY: New Sisters of Saint Margaret convent in Duxbury ready to occupy

putting in the plantings for the new Duxbury convent - September 2012

What I'm especially excited about is the solar and geothermal power.  I loved the old convent in Roxbury, but it guzzled energy, to say the least.  This one is much more compatible with care for God's creation.

Here are some photos of the construction process, if you are interested.

Here is the page about the new house.

I look forward to our being able to return to having guests and retreats.

Now to get the one in Haiti rebuilt...

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