Saturday, August 25, 2012

some specifics from Haiti

So glad to hear that the storm hasn't been as lethal as it might have been.  Still pretty bad, but how much worse it might have been...

Port-au-Prince after Isaac - Saturday 8.25.12
I found an article with some specifics on towns, reports of damage, etc., and I'm hopeful that this website will be providing more details soon.  Here's the link:

at 8am:
Extensive damage are reported in the South. Electricity was cut to Jacmel. Many houses in Jacmel have lost their tin roofs. Jacmel and Cayes-Jacmel banana plantations destroyed.

Boulevard La Saline is impracticable, the road is invaded by waste. In Thomazeau a girl of 10 years died following the collapse of a wall of his house. Several tree branches and plates are scattered over the entire length of the route des rails. The Plain of Arcahaie is flooded. A church burst into flames in Pernier 50, EDH cut power, and firefighters have been there.

The PNH evacuated several people in Mariani, in Marassa 9, Station of Gonaives, Mgr Guilloux and to the Lycée A Isemery. The PNH informs that those who refused yesterday to leave the IDPs camps of Marassa 9 are now homeless after the wind had carried their tents. PNH is on site.

The civil protection and the authorities have evacuated about 5,000 people during the night.

and at 11am:
The DPC informs that about 5,000 people were evacuated during the night in five departments (West, Nippes, Grand Anse, South and South-East). More than 3000 in West of Haiti.

Communication is lost with the municipalities of Belle-Anse, Grand-Gosier, Anse-à-Pitre and Thiotte.

Strong winds and rain are recorded in Bombardopolis, Baie-de-Henne and Môle Saint Nicolas. Roofs were also blown away.

There is also a good article from the NY Times.

An excerpt:
News radio and social media users reported streets flooding in the capital, Port-au-Prince, some mudslides in rural areas, downed trees and power lines, and shredded tents that left people miserably soaked in the camps that house some 400,000 survivors of the January 2010 earthquake.

The brunt of the storm slashed through Haiti’s southern peninsula, its 60-mile-an-hour winds blowing the roofs off houses in Jacmel, a tourist resort on the south coast, residents said.

...Some in Sou Piste ran to a nearby health clinic built by Partners in Health, a nongovernmental organization, to take shelter, but Ms. Millien said she was afraid of what would happen if she went outside.

“The wind sounded like a plane landing, and I could hear people everywhere praying loudly and crying,” she said. “I looked outside in the night and saw mothers with their babies screaming and trying to run to the shelter.”

Lena Dorce, 23, who lives with her 22-year-old brother in Sou Piste, was among the frightened.

“At about midnight, the wind lifted up the whole house,” she said. “The neighbors were complaining because they said our house blew into theirs and would knock it down.”

Denise Esperance, 41, used a thin sleeping bag to cover herself and a neighbor’s child as they walked to the clinic. “I’ve been out of my house since 1 a.m.,” she said. “I couldn’t stand the wind and rain in my house so I ran to the clinic with my four children.”

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  1. Thanks for posting all your updates on Isaac! Its been really helpful for me and I gave it a small shout-out on my little blog. Hope you're doing well!