Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marshall, Michigan

This weekend my family went to Marshall so that my father could take the services at Trinity Episcopal Church ( while the rector was out.  While my father sat in the hotel and did more work on his sermon, my mother and sister and I went downtown to poke around a bit.  It's a charming place with a small town sensibility, though I believe that at one time it was the state capital.  

a carriage ride through downtown Marshall

You know it's a small town by the parking meter prices, too.  You can use pennies.  Really.  In 2012.

one penny = six minutes

Just take a close look at this meter as my sister puts in her pennies.

That's right. Not only does a penny get you six minutes of parking, the meter doesn't even take quarters.  I love Marshall (I seem to remember Kalamazoo also having some similarly astonishing prices a few years ago).

"antiquing" in Marshall, MI

This is what I did not buy.  Even if I had money, the last thing I need at this point is stuff.  However, had I found this 15-20 years ago, it would have been mine.  I bet you could even cook on this little thing if you made a tiny charcoal fire inside.  Early Easy Bake Oven?

 I've never been much of a shopper, but antique stores are fun.  Strange, though, after Haiti...

Marshall downtown shops - love the buildings, too

There was some sort of consulting firm with a fish emblem.  "Fish don't sleep," their door sign said.  I personally think that's quite unhealthy (God gave us the sabbath because we really need that down time), although I can appreciate the marketing behind it.  However, I loved the slogan in the window:  "Think outside the bowl." 

I wonder if we could take this and run with it for the church, given the symbolism.  We would have to point out that even God rested on the seventh day, but we certainly do need to think outside the bowl.  (Fish must do something... Any biologists out there?)

Think outside the bowl!

It began to get cloudy while we were there, but we were fortunate that the big storm had not yet arrived. It was just enough to break the heat, and we were safely in the hotel by the time the lightning show began.

Marshall, Michigan - downtown shopping district on a cloudy Saturday

Fortunately, today turned out to be lovely.

Dad celebrated and preached at both services, and I was asked to speak about Haiti at coffee hour, which I was more than happy to do.  I also got to explain that there really are sisters in the Episcopal Church, and we really can be ordained. 

a beautiful Sunday afternoon showing off the interesting architecture in downtown Marshall

It's been a good weekend.  Now off to look at my to-do list before my sister and I head off on our next adventure.   How many different sets of relatives can we visit in two weeks?  You'd be surprised. 

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  1. Ha! At the Olympics, I got into an argument with Karen's mom and sister-in-law, both practicing Episcopalians, on whether there were or were not Episcopalian nuns. I won, but only by proof of evidence. (It's still Kim.) (reading your posts backward)