Sunday, December 12, 2010

wings like a dove

So many random thoughts involving wings this evening...

When Sr. Mary Gabriel takes a pick to the ice in the birdbath and then adds hot water, why do the birds risk taking a bath? I understand why they and the squirrels are pleased to have water to drink, and they have been splashing around and having a marvelous time, but it is so cold out! It looks for all the world like one of those hot tubs at a ski resort, so I can imagine the appeal, but they can't go inside to dry off afterward.  Anyone understand avian biology enough to enlighten me? 

"Oh, that I had wings like a dove. I would fly away and be at rest."  This seemed an appropriate verse quite a number of times in the past couple of weeks.  Thanks be to God, tomorrow is our sabbath rest day, and I plan to enjoy it!

And speaking of flying away, I am wondering if the two sisters scheduled to fly out of Haiti to Boston on Tuesday are actually going to make it back that day.  I've done a news search, and as far as I can tell, all flights are still grounded.  Actually, I'm still wondering if they have been able to return home from their conference out of town or if the roads are still blocked.  Please pray for Haiti, all of you, as well as for their safe travel.  May the Holy Spirit be like that dove of peace there.

Finally, the girls putting on our church Epiphany pageant have decided to make wings for the angels.  Can anyone tell me how one might go about making them?  I did find the following directions, but they are on the complicated side and not quite like an angel's as usually depicted:  Mommy Blessings: Fairy Wings Tutorial. Some creative adjustment, perhaps?  Since we (the parish) had a break-in this week and had all our copper water pipes stolen, we are definitely not in any place to be spending much (if any) on these, so I am hoping someone out there will have suggestions for me.  Please, if you have any idea, no matter how crazy, leave me a comment!

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