Friday, December 10, 2010

still stranded at the conference site

I posted last night the news that the sisters in Haiti were doing ok, having heard the news through another sister who had reached them by telephone.  They were stuck out of town, having gone to a post-earthquake conference for clergy and lay leaders in Montrouis, the former site of the Episcopal seminary (I have no idea what they are normally using it for now, though I know the children from St. Vincent's School for the Disabled were there for a while immediately after the quake). The Presiding Bishop was supposed to come down to visit the diocese yesterday as well, but the bishop of Haiti asked her not to come, given the current instability.  Please pray for the leaders still at the now-extended conference, that they might use this extra time, given that they have it, as well as for the diocese and for Haiti as a whole.

If you'd like to read more about this, the Episcopal News Service has a good article on it at the link below.  It includes information about both the diocesan and the political situation.

Episcopal Church called to prayer for Haiti: Diocesan lay leaders stranded at conference site by post-election violence

I've also heard recently from Sr. Kethia that they have been told to add chlorine even to treated water. Sure hope they have enough supplies in Montrouis for all those people. 

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