Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sartorial and theological challenge

Words fail me...

PacMan stole - oh my...

Yet I have to wonder
--whether or not Ms. Pacman is eligible for ordination, or only Pacman himself 
--if I should be reflecting theologically on the maze of life, the path of life, on Jesus as the Way through Pacman's Maze
--whether the textile artist that created this prayed through its creation and, if so, what that prayer was like
--if I should be admitting that I actually remember playing Pacman in a video arcade, though I couldn't remember the game itself to save my life.

So, dear friends, a challenge:
If you were going to design a stole with a game as the theme (video, board, or other)*, what would you choose and why?  Chutes and Ladders, perhaps (with angels ascending and descending)?
Extra points for titles and theological reflection.

*No need to explain why you would ever want to do such a thing - although since I can't really imagine why the stole above was created, perhaps there should be points for that, too!

Found at http://badvestments.blogspot.com/2010/08/back-to-future.html via Facebook.


  1. I am going to avoid the most obvious answer - using the game, "Life" would just be too easy, don't you think?

    Instead, I think the board game, "Sorry" would be much more appropriate. It might be appropriate for confession, at least.

    If board games are out, then perhaps a stole made from playing cards might suffice - representing "Hearts" (bleeding or otherwise) or "Bingo," both church related. This might not work though because the congregation might see the cards and think instead of games like "War" or "Solitaire," neither of which is appropriate to the Eucharist (but what about Euchre?)

  2. What an excellent question you pose Sr. Sarah! I am going to reflect on this a bit more and get back to you!!!