Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ERD at work in Haiti

It sounds as though Episcopal Relief and Development is doing some of its best work in direct help for individuals by providing employment.  I heard that idea even before the earthquake; how much more now must such a thing be essential! 

I'm glad to hear that some of this is work being done to clear the rubble.  I heard an estimate recently about the number of years it would take to get it all taken away if there were a thousand trucks working... and while I can't remember the number of years, the fact that there are no where near that number of trucks available, much less money to pay them, tells you that this is no short-term project.  And it is impossible to rebuild when you can't even clear ground on which to put a building. 

They are also working alongside families to put up temporary housing solid enough to hold up in storms for a few years.

Here is the latest article on this from the Episcopal News Service (Mary Frances Schjonberg, August 3, 2010):
ERD supports efforts for new houses and cash-for-work programs


photo via ENS from the article above

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