Monday, January 8, 2018

after celebration and storm

Well, Merry Christmas Epiphany!

The wreaths and ribbons and lights are all coming down now, which always makes me sad, especially when it is cold and grey.

The candles in my prayer corner remain, however; their warmth reminds me of that which really matters. 

Today was our sabbath - that is to say, our day of rest - on which I try to spend time outside and also do some walking, both of which lift my spirits considerably.

I thought I'd go look for a few ducks late this afternoon on my way to do errands. I knew things were pretty well frozen, but the black ducks had made an appearance on the shore near us earlier in the day (binoculars!). The river mouth and the Powder Point Bridge over the bay are often good gathering places for ducks, so I headed out in all optimism.

Not so much.

At the river mouth, there was some water between the bridge and the otherwise iced-up inlet, but nothing stirring. As I was preparing to leave again, an intrepid little bufflehead popped up.

She was determined to find something in the water flowing back with the incoming tide from under the ice.

I do hope she found something eventually. Nothing much seemed to be coming her way; nevertheless, she persisted.

At the Powder Point Bridge, nothing but pigeons and a few gulls, high up. It only took a glance to see that my vision of eiders, loons, scoters, and buffleheads was not to be. The bay was completely frozen over; even the water I thought was open had ice not far underneath.

I only made it half way across before turning back, realizing that the return walk would not be at all fun in the stiff, cold wind.

What I saw, however, was lovely in its own stark way. The colors were stunning.

Not much of a birding expedition, but an experience of beauty for which I am grateful. Perhaps at some point I can paint it. (I did learn on retreat one year, however, that watercolors freeze very fast outdoors in January. My spiritual director was quite amused.)

May God grant you such beauty and serenity as well.

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