Friday, November 3, 2017


Steam coming out of my ears. In whose universe are things going well enough in Haiti that temporary protected status needs to be rescinded?

Cholera (which didn't exist in Haiti before the earthquake brought UN troops carrying it). Hurricanes. The Dominican Republic rescinding full citizenship for people who couldn't prove their grandparents had papers - so many people with possible Haitian ancestry who had never lived in Haiti and sometimes didn't even speak Creole got dumped over the border into Haiti. And so on.

Want specific stories? Here are some I just read: ‘How would I survive going back there?’

This has approximately the same odor as the toilet I plunged earlier this evening. That, however, in contrast, was much more temporary even than this temporary protected status.

I'm sure things are pretty bad in Central America; I can't speak to that, so I'll stick to fuming about Haiti tonight and do more research later.

Here's the article I've come across tonight:

I would love to write more, but the Great Silence approaches, and I want to post tonight and call attention to this as soon as possible. That and prayer are all I can do for the moment.  More tomorrow, perhaps.  I'm off to speak to the Lord about this in no uncertain terms. 'Night, all.

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