Thursday, August 25, 2016

gratitude from miles away

I need to share my gratitude and relief. You may have heard that there were tornadoes yesterday afternoon and evening in Indiana. No one was killed. No life-threatening injuries. The tornadoes that made the news were mostly around Kokomo, where one took out a Starbucks. I gather everyone was OK because the manager got them all into the bathrooms, which stood when the rest of the building collapsed. Someone in a nearby restaurant who didn't quite realize the severity of the situation stayed out in the dining area and filmed it. Good thing it wasn't a hundred yards in his direction.

I heard about the tornadoes yesterday evening because much of my family lives in NE Fort Wayne, Indiana, and one of them was out driving back from the South Bend area during all this. Sirens galore.

I'm wondering what it will be rated.

There was a huge one just northeast of Fort Wayne in Woodburn, near New Haven, as well as another to the south. Rotating clouds all over the place. 

There was quite a bit of damage, but everyone was fine. Mostly it seems to have taken out corn and barns, though there were  a few homes damaged and destroyed as well.  It could have been so much worse. 

This morning I found this video.

In the midst of so much other news of death and disaster, natural and man-made, I am grateful there was no loss of life here. Very, very grateful. 

Do pray for those whose lives have been affected by this and by recent flooding, fire, earthquake, and hurricane, that their needs be met with swiftness and compassion.

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