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Bono, Eugene Peterson, and the Psalms

I'm so grateful to my cousin Anne for sending me the link to this video in which Eugene Peterson and Bono talk about the psalms and the development of their friendship (though not in that order). Eugene Peterson is the one who did the Bible translation The Message, which is in everyday language. Bono, of course, is from U2, but not only do I love their music, I also have a deep appreciation for his work with social causes.  Just checked to see if Wikipedia had a good blurb to summarize, and sure enough they do:

Bono's work as an activist, which is due largely to his Christian beliefs,[40] began in earnest when, inspired by Live Aid, he travelled to Ethiopia to work in a feeding camp with his wife Alison and the charityWorld Vision, an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organisation.[40] With regard to Bono's 2013 declarations in interviews published and videotaped of his faith in Jesus Christ,[41] he states that Christ was either who he said he was, or he is "a complete and utter nutcase".[42][43] As early as 2005, Bono was invoking this argument,[44][45] identified as the "Lewis trilemma". 

U2's "40" is based on Psalm 40. Sing a new song!

40    Expectans, expectavi
1I waited patiently upon the LORD; *
    he stooped to me and heard my cry.
2He lifted me out of the desolate pit, out of the mire and clay; *
    he set my feet upon a high cliff and made my footing sure.
3He put a new song in my mouth,
a song of praise to our God; *
    many shall see, and stand in awe,
    and put their trust in the LORD.
4Happy are they who trust in the LORD! *
    they do not resort to evil spirits or turn to false gods.
5Great things are they that you have done, O LORD my God!
how great your wonders and your plans for us! *
    there is none who can be compared with you.
6Oh, that I could make them known and tell them! *
    but they are more than I can count.
7In sacrifice and offering you take no pleasure *
    (you have given me ears to hear you);
8Burnt-offering and sin-offering you have not required, *
    and so I said, "Behold, I come.
9In the roll of the book it is written concerning me: *
    'I love to do your will, O my God;
    your law is deep in my heart.'"
10I proclaimed righteousness in the great congregation; *
    behold, I did not restrain my lips;
    and that, O LORD, you know.
11Your righteousness have I not hidden in my heart;
I have spoken of your faithfulness and your deliverance; *
    I have not concealed your love and faithfulness from the
                             great congregation.

12You are the LORD;
do not withhold your compassion from me; *
    let your love and your faithfulness keep me safe for ever,
13For innumerable troubles have crowded upon me;
my sins have overtaken me, and I cannot see; *
    they are more in number than the hairs of my head,
    and my heart fails me.
14Be pleased, O LORD, to deliver me; *
    O LORD, make haste to help me.
15Let them be ashamed and altogether dismayed
who seek after my life to destroy it; *
    let them draw back and be disgraced
    who take pleasure in my misfortune.
16Let those who say "Aha!" and gloat over me be confounded, *
    because they are ashamed.
17Let all who seek you rejoice in you and be glad; *
    let those who love your salvation continually say,
    Great is the LORD!"
18Though I am poor and afflicted, *
    the Lord will have regard for me.
19You are my helper and my deliverer; *
    do not tarry, O my God.

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