Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino Advent

We had our Coffee and Conversation this morning at the convent on the topic of Advent. Since I got to play hostess this time, so to speak, I brought an Advent hymn that seemed to me to speak to it: "What is the crying at Jordan?" by Carol Christopher Drake. Now, needless to say, that was neither the only nor the first (or second or third) part of our conversation, but we did eventually get to the context in which we are living our Advent.

I first discovered this hymn at the convent in 2000, I believe, but I remember it most clearly in 2001 in the aftermath of 9/11. The wonder of the Incarnation is clear in the beauty of Christmastide; the wonder of Christ coming to us precisely in times of terror, joining us right here, right now, not when the world is at peace or we are as we should be, produces an even greater awe in me.

And so as I long for peace, for an end to hatred and bloodshed and despair in this world, I share this hymn with you as a prayer.

"Who then shall stir in this darkness, prepare for joy in the winter night?

Emmanuel: God with us.

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