Monday, February 23, 2015

cold afternoon

 So I planned to go birding on my sabbath (day of rest/free day) today.  Then it was very, very cold. (Wind chill advisory tonight, yet again.) And I have a cold. So maybe not.

It's c-c-cold today and more so tomorrow, but it was a little warmer this weekend and some of it melted. Look, you can see the arms on one of our benches now!

So I decided to go birding by car, bundled up, with hot coffee and binoculars. However, all my intended stay-in-the-car spots either had no parking (piles of snow!), were impassible or nearly so, or, in one case, had a front-end loader plowing out the area where I'd intended to go. I don't argue with such machinery. 

So, first real stop, the little pond just past the entrance of the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary.

Daniel Webster Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield

Cool, it's sort of shoveled.

OK, maybe not so much. This wooden thing at foot level is the top of the brochure box.

Nice birds at the feeder, though, including this little Tufted Titmouse; the Downy at the top was nearby. Juncos, of course, but also a bunch of Red-winged Blackbirds that flew off when I arrived.

 So I waded to the pond.

What was I thinking? Of course it was frozen over.  No ducks, but there was an interesting accidental sculpture sticking out of it. I'd admired it before, but it's rather more striking in the snow.

Waded on out. Glad part of the trail was well packed by many people with snowshoes. Maybe I could make my own. Tupperware and duct tape? (-:

 On to Marshfield, near Brant Rock. They, at least, have parking right by the water.

This Herring Gull walked toward my car instead of away from it.

Finally, some ducks! White-winged Scoters, Buffleheads, Goldeneyes, and Red-breasted Mergansers. I love Mergansers. They look so 80's punk.  

Couldn't get a decent pictures of the Mergansers, but I'm putting one in anyway just because I love them. 

Look, Ma, I caught a crab!

cold huddled-up Herring Gull looks grumpy

Moved on to the inner harbor near the Marshfield Harbormaster hut.

Happy Days

More ducks. Happy days, indeed!

The gulls thought it was too cold for fishing, too.

Time to head on home. One more try at the Duxbury Harbormaster's dock. I admired the snow mountains created by the front-end loader and wondered if we should start our own ski resort right here in town.

Ducks! Not many, but a few Eiders right by the dock; mergansers not too far away, either.

icy, icy bath, but this Eider was still delighted

Home in time to see the sun set over the Chapel.

And to all a good night.

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