Monday, January 5, 2015

grey and white bird ID help, please

Scusset Beach

Today is #NationalBirdDay and also my free day - our community "sabbath" day of rest. So of course I went out to see some. Thought about staying home due to the gale warning, but that would have been far too sensible for a beautiful day, so out I went, though not for the full day.

Scusset Beach breakwater - these tourists told me it was too windy, so I decided to exercise some caution and not go clambering out to the end of it. Another time...

terribly disappointed not to be able to swim or scuba dive after all

Even the Eider is having his down ruffled.

First excitement - I think I have seen a horned grebe.  I *may* have seen one from a very great distance last month, but now I'm realizing there are several possibilities. I'm a beginner at this, so still a bit easily puzzled.

Here is my grebe. I think.

Now here is the other bird. Or birds.  I thought they were all the same type of bird, so I wasn't being careful. Now that I get it home, however, I see that one does not seem to have quite the same beak/bill and the one I think might be a loon doesn't seem to have red eyes, either. But it could be a trick of the light or my wishful thinking (another new bird!).

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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