Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Irish Nuns' Ice Bucket Challenge; Haiti's Water Challenge

Just for fun...

How lucky we are to have water... I bet that's clean, potable water.  Water that just comes out of faucets.

Treated water can be bought in individual packets in Haiti. 

Depending on whom you ask, 40%, 53%, or nearly 70% of people in Haiti lack access to safe, clean drinking water. I know they're working on it; I rather hope the 40% is the most recent statistic. That may be the case, as the cholera epidemic has helped emphasize that need. Do an internet search on water in Haiti and you'll see an astonishing number of small organizations working on the issue bit by bit. I know quite a number of Episcopal churches there have tiny, one-room water treatment plants for the benefit of the community.

the community water treatment plant in Darbonne, Haiti, at the Paroisse Ascension, Eglise Episcopale (the Episcopal Church of the Ascension)

Haiti is not alone.

Here's your own water challenge - go to http://caretoclick.com//help-provide-clean-drinking-water/donate-clicks-likes-and-tweets-to-create-clean-drinking-water to donate water just by clicking and perhaps http://thewaterproject.org/ or a similar organization to help more.

For a much better post on this, you might want to go to the blog of one of my dearest friends, Kim Bradley.  Actually, you should go to her blog anyway because it's just good. http://kimberly-brubaker-bradley.blogspot.com/2014/08/i-raise-you-one-ice-bucket-challenge.html Maybe you even want to host a fundraiser party like the one she attended, "Wine to Water," working with this organization: http://shop.winetowater.org/products/donate.php.

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