Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Annunciation waffles

Yes, I was wondering, too.

I've been praying with saying YES to God this morning. Mary must have been an amazing, courageous girl.  I'd like to be more like that.

I was not thinking about waffles; I'm not sure she was eating them when Gabriel showed up.  Visions of Mary in the kitchen making waffles with Gabriel talking to her through the window spring to mind... But never mind.

So what is this all about?  I just checked Twitter and was baffled by references to waffles on "Lady Day."  And here I thought I was somewhat well-versed in such things.  I guess not.

But the mystery is now solved:
"In Swedish, the word våffla is attested since 1642 and derives from the German Waffel but is possibly associated by ancestors with Vår Fru (The Virgin Mary).  Waffles are served, even today, in a large number of Swedish householdson Våffeldagen, that is to say, on Lady Day, which is observed the 25th of March. In modern times, March 25 has been designated as “International Waffle Day”."

The article above also includes a recipe for early 19th century raised waffles.

Before I get back to work, let me also share with you today's thanksgiving for our Sr. Carolyn, whose 25th profession anniversary is today.  I'm so glad she said YES - and that she continues to do so.

Blessed Feast, all.

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