Thursday, February 13, 2014

From Olympic Speed Skater to Franciscan Sister?

While on the lookout for something else this morning, I ran into this video. I always find the vocation stories of other sisters interesting - no surprise there - and it seemed appropriate to post it during the winter Olympics.

You all have heard about Roman Catholic Franciscans, I'm sure, as in this video - or at least you've heard of St. Francis.  But did you know there are also Anglican/Episcopal Franciscans?  They, too, stress their vow of poverty and social justice work; though I have never heard them use the Bride of Christ metaphor, I'm sure there are similarities in spirituality in other aspects among all the Franciscan orders.

Here's a photo I got from one of their online newsletters:

Episcopal Franciscan Sisters (from a 2011 newsletter)

Anglican/Episcopal Franciscan Women: (US house)

There are also contemplative Franciscan women in England:

Anglican/Episcopal Franciscan Men:
Society of St. Francis, Province of the Americas:
The Society of St. Francis is a world-wide Franciscan community within the Anglican Communion. The Province of the Americas is part of the Episcopal Church.

Third Order Franciscans - Episcopal men and women who follow in the spirit of St. Francis in their secular lives:

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