Saturday, December 14, 2013

snowy grey beauty

A dark, snowy afternoon has its own beauty...

 the end of Harden Hill Road looking onto Duxbury Bay

snowy rowboat, snowy cove
dock and sea grass through falling snow

low tide with snow on the sea grass shelf

snow on holly bush

trees outlined in snow against the greys of Duxbury Bay and sky

The geese have headed out!

goose tracks in the snow

...and its own birds.

chilly, puffed out sparrow in falling snow

Canadian geese on the frozen mud flats, low tide Duxbury Bay

Canadian geese taking off

Canadian geese in flight

Canadian geese flying, long line

two sparrows and a junco, Bonnie Cabin steps

bluebird, snowy branches
Little advents of God are all around us.

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