Friday, August 30, 2013

Michigan bikers hanging out with the Sisters of Charity

You go, Sisters!  Next time I'm in that area, I may have to look these sisters up.  My kind of women.  

Apparently there is a big yearly motorcycle rally in Brown Deer, WI, and for the last ten, the Muskegon (MI) Motorcycle Gang has been staying at the sisters' retreat house.

Muskegon biker with Wisconsin Sister of Charity at their retreat house

Here's what they have to say:

"Motorcycle men and women are absolutely delightful," [Sr. Anne Marie] said. "We struck up a wonderful friendship."
Bill Carothers of the Muskegon Motorcycle Gang said the two groups have more in common than many would think.
"Their charter is much in common with what ours is -- helping others less fortunate," he said.
There are 23 members of the MMG staying at the retreat. Carothers said that after a deadly crash in 2012 that claimed two of their members and injured eight others in Fond du Lac County, the tranquility of the retreat has been a godsend.
"It has been a very hard year for everyone," he said.
The MMG appreciate having their extended family in Brown Deer to lean on. They have also been known to take the sisters on rides around town.

Ride nice. Pray hard.
Good advice.
Ride nice, everyone. And wear your helmets.  Too many people in the ICU with my mom were there after accidents.  The rest of us need to ride - drive! - nicely too.  And ALL of us need to pray hard for each other and offer each other such hospitality.

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